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Guide for Readers
Necessary indicators for getting hold rapidly of the functions of the library
Website of China’s Academic Journals
CAJ is the database of China’s Academic Journals. The library supplies on-line searching function of overall contents of CAJ database. You can read all materials discretionarily
Catalogue of Books
A wonderful place to find out references, all kinds of information on geography and resources research in the library are at your service
Catalogue of Databases
10 databases on-line searching, such as databases on Digest of China’s Geographical Science, Joint Contents of National Journals, Special Maps, et al.. This catalogue gives helps facilely for multitudinous researchers who are working on geography and resources sciences
New Books
Here you can comprehend latest information in time, rapidly and handily
Original Journals Online
Nature, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, et al. , original journals on-line reading. Just grasp the chance to get the newest information

Latest Dynamics
Information about geography and resources / Physical Geography / Human Geography / GIS and Maps / Education on Geography / Research Institutes and Academic Association / On-line Journals and Publications / New Books Published by the Institute / Sustainable Development of Fragile Environments / China’s Oasis / Theories and Practices on Argricultural Productive Systems Which Can Be Sustainedly Developed / Geography of Communication of China / China’s Resources Information / Utilization of Rainfall and the Researches on Water Resources / China’s Encyclopedia about Resources (the book is divided into two parts) / Environmental Changes of Asian Highlands (in English) / China’s International Rivers / Sustainable Development in Central China, 21th Century /
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